Daniel Wallace’s 3 Must Visit Hot Spots in Harvard Sqaure



Harvard Square is the perfect place to get away a while and if you find yourself wandering around looking for things to do… don’t want any more time on the bench. Walk to one of these delightful late-night hot spots that will quickly become a go-to you want to visit time and time over…

The Comedy Studio

Need a good laugh or just a break from the ordinary? You will have no ordinary time here at The Comedy Studio on Harvard Square. Come laugh with a rotation of local comedians, have a drink and bring a friend. This place is the cure for the common weekend and you’ll be glad that you came.

Charlie’s Kitchen

While this joint is usually crowded, it is because the waffle fries are crazy-good, the atmosphere is amazing and the karaoke is usually lit. Everyone in Boston knows it is one of the most reliably delicious late night dives around. You’ll basically find a little bit of everything here but what you will not find is tourists. Instead, you will find in-the-know locals who frequent this hot spot and know what they want the second they come in the door. So, while you will have to wait here on most days – if you have the time, Charlie’s has the good times to share.

Scullers Jazz Club

Looking for a night of great music and local talent? You will find them both here in spades. Intimate and trendy, Scullers Jazz Club is an institution that music lovers cannot afford to miss out on. For a live music lounge, the prices are also pretty lax and make for a great option for weeks when your budget has taken a hit.

Whether you are just finishing up your first Harvard study session or just in the area for business, you are sure to have a great night out if you hit up the square. There is no shortage of things to do and with so much eclectic charm… you will almost certainly be back for more next time you need to kill a little time on a hot summer night.


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daniel wallace

My name is Daniel Wallace and I'm in love with the great attractions near Harvard!

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