Where Do Harvard Students Relax?

Find out where the elite students gather!

Harvard University is arguably the most esteemed establishment of higher learning in the United States, but it isn’t all stress, schoolbooks and studying. In fact, the area of Cambridge, Massachusetts surrounding Harvard University is packed with a plethora of bars, clubs, and restaurants where students at one of the world’s most elite universities can unwind.

Popular Bars near Harvard University

Harvard Square is legendary among Harvard students. One of the most popular bars in Harvard Square is the Aeronaut Brewing Company. This bar has a classy yet laid-back scene and offers a variety of homemade, local and international beers.

The Cambridge Queen’s Head is the destination of choice for students on a budget. This pub serves everything from draught beer to high-end cocktails and everything is reasonably priced.

Shays Pub & Wine bar offers an extensive selection of beers and wines, and they also serve food. Students love this bar because of its relaxing atmosphere and outdoor patio.

Clubs in Cambridge, MA

The “Hong Kong” chain has a couple of clubs in the area. In addition to serving authentic Chinese food these locations also host dance parties on the weekends.

Club Latinos is a popular salsa/bachata/merengue club that students love to frequent. It’s easy to meet people and learn new dances any day of the week.

Dance Friday is used by new and emerging talents to show off their skills. Whether you want to put on a talent show, host a concert or just dance this is the place for you.

Student-Frequented Restaurants

Dali is a restaurant and tapas bar that is posh and usually has a waiting list, but students willing to wait are rewarded with delicious food and a classy atmosphere.

Adlen & Harlow serves American style food, and they also offer breakfast and lunch. You can find Harvard students here preparing for tests or unwinding after class at almost any hour of the day.


Are you considering attending Harvard University? Are you already a student and want to know where you can go to unwind or make friends? Are you going to be in the Cambridge area and want to see how students live when they aren’t in class? Whatever the case may be, we hope you found this article helpful. Veritas!


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