Outdoor Attractions Near Harvard

Want to escape Harvard and hit the woods?

If you are a history buff who happens to love the great outdoors, make your way to the Boston Harbor. Since its re-development which began in the 1970s, this place has turned into an interesting combination of residential and commercial space. Just a mere 30 minutes from Harvard University on foot and roughly 6 minutes via taxi or Uber, this attraction makes for a convenient and eventful outing.

Enjoy a brisk stroll along the waterfront using the stunning HarborWalk walkway. Here you will find parks and benches as well as cafes and public art. If you’re in the mood for exploring the harbor, hire a ferry, cruise boat or water taxi. In the event you have extra time on your hands, you may take a shuttle boat to the Charlestown Navy Yard. Once you reach Rowies wharf, you can board an odyssey cruise. Enjoy a great lunch while you take in views of the Boston Skyline from the water. If you want to enjoy an exceptionally beautiful view, take a starlight cruise at night.

Harvard’s Love For the Sea

For those who have a love for sea life, you will find more than 20 000 different kinds of fish and aquatic life at the New England Aquarium. Just a 19 minute walk or subway ride away from Harvard University, this is a trip well worth the effort. Here you will find moray eels, tropical fish, sharks and turtles housed in a man-made Caribbean reef. If you’re looking for a more hands on experience, special touch tank allows visitors to hold small sea creatures like crabs, urchins and starfish. Outside this aquarium, people may watch harbor seals live, play and perform in their enclosed habitat. The New England Aquarium also sponsors whale watching tours and educational programs outside of the Boston Harbor.

Camping Near Harvard

If you are looking for an overnight experience, the Camp Nihan Environmental Camp is located in Walnut street and offers great facilities for hiking, group camping and exploring. With its 65 acres of woodland Forest, marsh and Spring fed pond, you won’t have enough time to explore all that this exciting camp has to offer. Animals lovers may just cross paths with the reserves fox, deer and otters, while hiking to nearby Breakheart State Reservation for swimming and other center services. Boston is filled with activities to suit every taste. So don’t waste any time in getting started with your experience of Boston life.


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