Best Spots For Wine Enthusiasts Near Harvard

Nothing is more satisfying than a sumptuous dinner paired with an excellent glass of wine. Harvard is a great place to have both if you’re spending the night out with your friends. There are a number of restaurants in the area that serve exceptional wines. Start with the following places and you won’t be disappointed:

Beat Brasserie

The Beat Hotel has been around for a while and its brasserie continues to attract the local crowd. Patrons love the interiors that take inspiration from the 1970s, providing the space with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It also has a renowned wine menu including 36 all-Americans. Some of them are made by small artisanal winemakers and can only be found here. Try these exclusive drinks for a taste of Boston or ask the bartender to make you any of their craft cocktails. Each sip should be a treat to the senses with the experience heightened by the eclectic live music.

Shays Pub & Wine Bar


This is another Harvard Square favorite that you should not miss. The place has been serving residents and visitors for over 30 years. Some of the things that keep customers coming back are the casual mood, the delicious food, and the impressive wine selection. Sample a glass or more of their specialties. They also offer fantastic beers in case you want to try different brews. The menu is not extensive but the food is of high quality yet reasonably priced. Everything here is made from scratch including the sauces and dips. If you want a comfortable place to hang out in then Shays fits the bill.

Puritan & Company

This highly regarded restaurant is located at Inman Square, along Cambridge Street. It is a lovely place for dinner with a vast menu that has something for everyone. Puritan serves modern American cuisine which is highly influenced by New England traditions. Most feature locally sourced ingredients and are prepared by an experienced team. Puritan and Co also boasts a remarkable wine list with sparkling, petillant, white, rose, and red options from different parts of the world. There are bottles from Umbria, Piedmont, Abruzzo, Tuscany, Sicily, Montsant, Rioja, Loire Valley, and various other known wine regions in Europe. Of course, California, Oregon, and other American states are also represented.

If you are in the mood for rare bottles, then drop by these places in Harvard and prepare for an enlightening experience.


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