Fall Leaf Watching Near Harvard

Autumn is the most gorgeous time of the year, especially in the Harvard area. You can spend hours fascinating and delighting yourself when the trees start to change colors. Visit these parks and catch a genuine glimpse of splendor:

Dana Park


Dana Park is perfect if you have young children, and you want to let them run about while you take in the natural beauty around you. The park is in the Cambridgeport neighborhood on Magazine Street. It has special features such as a water park, playground, game courts and an attractive sitting area that provides rest and the opportunity to marvel at the trees.

Cambridge Common

cambridge common park

Cambridge Common is a 16-acre park that has a bit more of what you’re looking for. It’s right outside of Harvard Square by Massachusetts Avenue. This park is quite accommodating and has everything that you can think of for watching the trees in comfort. You’ll find a number of historical monuments, pathways, benches and a surplus of trees that will shed their leaves. You will also have access to a large playground if you have children. Many tourists visit Cambridge Common, as well, so you will probably meet some interesting people if you go there.

New Riverside Park

New Riverside Park is a quaint park that has spectacular landscaping. It has an inviting look as well as a super-green hue. You can sit at any one of the benches at the park and enjoy the amazing scenery. Furthermore, you have the option of setting up a lawn chair in a spot on the abundant grass area. New Riverside Park is a popular location for public meetings and events. Keep that in mind if you are planning an event in the near future.

Sennot Park

sennot park

Sennot Park is perfect if you are going for a visual feel-good fix. The park is on Broadway and Norfolk Street. Look for the Area IV Youth Center if you cannot find it. It’s right next to it. After you finish watching the trees with your family or friends, you can then indulge in a game of basketball or slip and slide in the water park area. The landscaping and furniture accommodations are part of a modification that the city did in 2010.
All of these locations a great spots to take some professional photos if you love capturing nature. Take your pick and enjoy watching the trees change colors.


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